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The World Forum for Ethics in Business is a one day conference. We will bring together business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and non profit leaders to integrate ethics and social responsibility into the DNA of business & innovation.

“People from around the world are sitting and thinking what kind of world we want to have? What kind of world we are inheriting? The world which is suffering, which is depleted of resources, which is bankrupt with moral values and ethical values, or a safe, beautiful planet for everybody” — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The World Forum for Ethics in Business Conference is aimed at catalyzing leaders from across business, technology, government to integrate ethics into the DNA of innovation.

The conference will take place in the fall of 2020 in San Francisco Bay Area.

Be Inspired

To pursue a much needed ethical foundation for business & innovation.

Be inspired with success stories of how startups and large enterprises are rising to tackle threats to humanity and the environment Explore the impact of ethical choices in creating high achieving, yet human-centric business. Gain, practical skills & inspire ideas from industry leaders on integrating ethics and innovation.

Our goal is to spark debate and explore the ethics of:

Climate Change - Survival for our planet is not possible without commitment and follow through action from world leaders
Ethics in AI - Take a deep dive into the impact of artificial intelligence and big data on business and culture

Ethical & Impact Investing - Explore how innovation grounded in ethics, powers long term growth and creates high achieving, yet human centric businesses.

About us

16 years of commitment to good governance

  • 40,000 attendees from 70 countries
  • Convened annually at the European Parliament in Brussels
  • Conferences in 13 countries
  • Special consultative status with United Nations' ECOSOC

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