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Be Part of the Stress-free, Violence-free Schools Revolution

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As parents, we hope that when we send our children to school, they will be learning and enjoying the activities we associate with childhood and adolescence: making friends, learning new skills, reading, writing, math and science. Yet lately it seems that every day brings news of another horrific act of school violence, of young people taking their own lives or succumbing to stress by acting out in ways that can only be interpreted as a cry for help.

In our community, the stress of high unemployment, unequal school funding and lack of resources put stress on parents and teachers alike. When we are feeling stress, we find it difficult to be our best selves. When they are stressed, young people find it hard to learn and maintain a positive mindset.

For over a decade, SKY Schools (formerly YES! for Schools) has been changing the way stress impacts our city. With evidence-based breathing and pro-social learning criteria, this revolutionary Social Emotional Learning program has saved untold numbers of lives. How? With simple, easy to access techniques that calm the mind and reduce the likelihood of impulsive, violent or self-harming behaviors as a result of chronic or acute stress.

Please help SKY Schools Milwaukee reach more schools than ever before. Make your tax-deductible donation today.